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Intentional Family Living in Today’s world

What We Do

We help build happy marriages and happy children. We want you to be your best self so you can best serve others. We are intentional about creating and living the family life we want. And we’re here to help you do the same!

I’m Hilarie

I have 2 children, the first born soon before I turned 30.

I  worked for 12 years in the corporate and nonprofit world before making the leap to full-time motherhood.

I’m Holly

I have 7 children, 5 born before I turned 30.

I earned a degree in recreation management and use it full time at home.

We have different skills and experiences. But we share common values and goals. Like you, we want to do our best as wives and moms and make the most of our limited time with children at home.


Combined, we many years of expertise in marriage and parenting! Select a topic and get started! Also, join us for podcasts and webinars where we share our successful (and sometimes unsuccessful!) schemes and bring you guests with more terrific wisdom. We share lots of great free content, but for full access to all our tools and tutorials, join as a member (coming soon)!

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